Client Comments

“I talked to Brad Schram, he won’t be available as a guide but highly recommended you…”

“Hey Wes, thanks for an incredible birding trip. As one of my friends said, any trip with 17 lifers is a killer. Let alone 17 lifers in 32 hours. You really know your birds.“

Don Simonson, New Jersey

“I was one of the people that went out on the boat today to see the Snowy Owl. It was a great trip!! …Many thanks go to Wes Fritz from Santa Barbara for setting up the trip.”

Dea Freid, Sebastopol CA

“The kids had so much fun today. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain things and spend time with the kids! You have a lot of knowledge and the kids can ask you just about anything. It's great. “

Susan Goodman, Los Olivos, CA

"Thanks for the unbelievable trip. The depth and breadth of your knowledge is staggering. I saw more than ninety five percent of the birds that I thought I had a chance to see, plus many others that I didn't expect. I ended up with 21 lifebirds and Ross [Gallardy] had 51 lifebirds after this trip. I went into this trip with all the enthusiasm in the world, but still I couldn't have imagined what a thrilling, enriching experience it would be! Perhaps it was the dark chocolate detail on the pair of Black-footed Albatross’s as they sailed by in tandem down the boat’s gunwale in the early morning at eye level in Monterey Bay. Maybe it was the bright pink legs I saw on the Slaty-backed Gull while it bathed in the sand ponds near Half Moon Bay or the richness of the ruddy red scapulars on the breeding plumaged Rock Sandpiper bopping about in my eyepiece on my spotting scope set up at minimum focus distance. By the days end I'm sure it was the detail I saw in the iris and scaling on the feet of the juvenile Brown Booby basking in the sun on the Santa Cruz pier works directly underneath my own two feet that did it. Either way it happened -- but please give my brain (and body) a break the next time, it was just my first day there!"

Dave Wilton, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"My birding interest is mainly photography, and I’ve been in the field with many guides around the world who can find and bring in elusive species. Wes Fritz is by far the best. His ears and eyes are unsurpassed, and he has astonished many like me not just once, but repeatedly, day after day. Literally, a bird can hiccup from a mile away and Wes will not only identify the species, but will also determine whether it is male or female, immature or on its last legs, and how it plans to vote in election. Then he either brings the bird in or takes us to its tree for confirmation. OK, I’m exaggerating, but only slightly. On top of it all, his incredible devotion to serious birding is matched by his wit and sense of humor. What a wonderful combination!"

John Lampkin

“Greetings All!! I just returned to my home in central NY a few hours ago. I spent from 13-21 OCT Birding SoCal, from San Simeon to the Salton Sea. Thanks to Wes Fritz for showing me around!! I had 50 target species, and tallied 40 of them. Of the 40, 37 were Lifers and 3 were US Birds.”

Mat Victoria, Syracuse NY

“Your knowledge of the area and knowledge of the birds and birds themselves makes for a great leader of a bird trip.”

Mary, Los Angeles CA

“Thank you so much for being such an enthusiastic leader, along with Dave and Oscar and really working so hard so all of us could see so many wonderful birds . Thanks also for fixing my tripod legs so I could use my scope on the field trip!”

Linda Oberholtzer

“My brother and I had a great time on Figueroa Mountain. We liked the Pygmy Owl at Pina Alto Campground… Thank you again. I hope all is going well in Oklahoma.”

Jim Zimmer, Carlsbad, CA

“You are one of the 'ringers' when it comes to birding around these parts…“

Alex, CA

“Thanks again for going out with us. We both had a great time and learned a ton. Plus we added 7 life birds…”

Dennis Vollmar, TX